Izzy GCSE with dyslexia etc.

I am delighted to provide this reference for Ian Swift.

Ian has been helping our daughter for the last 2.5 years, starting in year 9 and now approaching GCSE examinations.

Our daughter had always found maths hard going but maths had begun to take on a life of its own and anxiety about maths was growing.

We were delighted, therefore, to find Ian who has dissolved this fear of maths in a very short space of time. Ian’s straightforward, common sense way of tackling problems and his sensitive, patient delivery have proved to be the ideal combination for us.

Ian is able to draw on his varied and extensive teaching experience to provide a range of approaches to support understanding. Our daughter often says, “Ian just has lots of different ways of explaining something. If I say I don’t get it, he shows me another way. Why has no-one shown me that before?”.  Ian uses a range of materials in the sessions: online materials and specialist websites are mixed with coloured pens, everyday examples and gentle humour. Ian is student centred and sets realistic and achievable targets.

We have no doubt that Ian’s support has enabled our daughter to grow in confidence in her own ability in maths and we feel sure that this change would never have happened without Ian’s input.

Thanks Ian!


Caroline Smith SFHEA

Head of Academic Enhancement

Leicester Learning Institute  University of Leicester