Welcome to my site!

My passion is to get students to enjoy maths rather than fear it and for them to  be successful in maths, possibly for the first time in their lives

I tutor anyone in secondary or further education/ college or studying at home.  

I also have a lot of experience in Functional Skills or who helping individuals to pass  a maths based  competency test for a new job. .

Working with those with learning differences such as poor working memory, autism or dyslexia is an area  where I have had considerable success.

Many  non-specialist undergraduates,  and would be professionals who need to pass maths and related modules are  taught as if they were mathematicians have benefited from my help. I can explain what you need to know and how to deal with typical questions.

I choose from a wide variety of approaches and resources to suit the individual.

Every few months , I attend relevant conferences  to keep up with the latest approaches More regularly, I am in contact with other teachers, tutors and maths organisation via  ‘Maths Twitter’ and  Facebook as well


I am currently available for tuition:
1100 , 1430 1600 1730(London time),  Most weekdays
Please contact me either via the form on my Contact page to discuss your particular  requirements or direct via ian@swiftmathstutor.plus.com